New publications in 2020

A full overview of all publications can be found here. Beyers, J., D. Fink-Hafner, W. Maloney, M. Novak, and F. Heylen (2020) The Comparative Interest Group-survey project: design, practical lessons, and datasets. Interest Groups & Advocacy DOI: 10.1057/s41309-020-00082-0. Heylen, F., E. Willems, and J. Beyers (2020) Do Professionals Take Over? Professionalisation and Membership Influence in

New publications in 2019

A full overview of all publications can be found here. Berkhout, J., M. Hanegraaff, and P. Statsch. (2019) Explaining the patterns of contacts between interest groups and political parties: Revising the standard model for populist times. Party Politics DOI: 10.1177/1354068819856608. Novak, M. and D. Fink-Hafner (2019) Slovenia: Interest group developments in a postsocialist‐liberal democracy. Journal

Workshop Ljubljana 2017

From 30 May- 1 June the third was held at the Centre for Political Science Research (CPR) in Ljubljana. The workshop featured an interesting line up of papers, proving the rich potential of the data already collected during this project.

INTEREURO survey intermediate report

The intermediate report of the INTEREURO survey can be found here.

First Stakeholder meeting (Ljubljana)

The Centre for Political Science Research (CPR) organised its first stakeholder meeting within the framework of the ongoing international “Comparative Interest Group Survey”. Researchers presented their preliminary research findings, while the representatives of the interest groups interviewed took part in an interesting and in-depth discussion on the functioning of interest groups at both national and

First results

More than 1 in 5 Belgian civil society organizations and interest groups face important threats to their survival! This is one of the results of a recent survey conducted by Prof. Jan Beyers and Frederik Heylen among 1691 intermediary organizations. Press release (Dutch) Press release (French) Press articles: De Standaard Gazet van Antwerpen Flanders Today