spainThe Spanish survey is funded by the ICREA and the Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (CSO2015-69878-P). The survey is part of a larger project developed by the Spanish Policy Agendas Project team ( aimed to explain interest groups mobilization across venues –Governmental, Parliamentary and the Media—, and levels of government –national, sub-national and supranational—. To do that, we have created novel and comprehensive databases about interest groups access to governmental and parliamentary committees, and the media –main newspapers—. These databases identify which interest groups have formally participated in the policy making process for the last two decades; they also provide information about the link between governmental actors (ministries, top public officials), political parties and interest groups across issues and time. Overall we have identified more than 2.000 organizations that gained access to the governmental and/or parliamentary arenas in Spain and/or Catalonia and the Basque Country. At present we are collecting data about the characteristics of these interest organizations –eg. human and financial resources, membership, social media activity—. We collaborate with the Comparative Interest Group survey to conduct a survey to more than 2.000 interest organizations in Spain.