The project

The project is an offspring of the INTEREURO-project, which ran from 2011 to 2015 ( One part of the INTEREURO project entailed the mapping and surveying of the EU-level interest associations. In early 2015 we conducted a comprehensive survey among the entire set of EU-level interest associations. From the 2038 interest associations that were invited, we received 734 responses (36%). Building on this successful experience, we decided, in order to strengthen the comparative leverage of the project, to replicate this a similar survey in the various European countries. The Comparative Interest Group Survey (C.I.G.-survey) was launched. At this moment, the project is mostly funded by a grant from the Research Foundation-Flanders (FWO-V), the Slovenian Research Agency and the European Research Council (iBias). We are currently exploring additional routes for further expanding the project. Researchers who would like to join the network and conduct a similar survey in their country, are invited to contact core members of the CIG-research team. We are happy to facilitate and help you with the further development of your own project.


Running projects

The INTEREURO Survey The Belgian Interest Group Survey The Czech Republic Interest Group Survey The Italian Interest Group Survey
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The Lithuanian Interest Group Survey The Dutch Interest Group Survey The Polish Interest Group Survey The Slovenian Interest Group Survey
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The Spanish Interest Group Survey The Swedish Interest Group Survey
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