The Netherlands

netherlandsThe Dutch Interest Group Survey will run in the Spring of 2016. The case selection and data collection is coordinated by Joost Berkhout and Marcel Hanegraaff of the University of Amsterdam, and Caelesta Braun of the University of Leiden, assisted by Jens van der Ploeg (research assistant). The sampling frame includes 2500 interest groups, selected from attendance lists of public hearings of the Dutch House of Representatives between 2012 and 2014 (Hoorzittingen en Ronde Tafel Gesprekken van (commissies van) de Tweede Kamer), supplemented with a sample of the Dutch Pyttersen’s Almanak 2013 (containing both politically inactive and active organizations).

The survey was translated and only slightly adapted to fit to the national context. This has been done in such a manner to enable a comparative analysis with other European countries, and, at the same time, to gain insight in the operations and inner workings of the Dutch civil society.